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Global Limousine Service: Qualities of a Great Chauffeur

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A professional chauffeur who is part of a global limousine company should be a person of different talents. A chauffeur is an individual representing the company and its important clients. The limo alone does not call for a lasting impression, but what contributes most to the satisfaction of customers is the attitude and performance of the chauffeur. Below are essential qualities of a great limousine chauffeur you will find within our employees:

1. Punctuality

Being punctual is of great importance for all chauffeurs. Our chauffeurs know how to plan ahead of time and arrive early. Being able to achieve this shows reliability and excellent organizational skills. A client will forget about all other features of the service if the chauffeur shows up late.

2. Well-Dressed

There's a strict dress code that chauffeurs should abide by. A chauffeur wearing jeans and a t-shirt does not give a good impression, and will lower the client's satisfaction with the service. As a result, a suit, nice haircut, and finely tuned details like polished shoes, tie, and an appropriately groomed appearance are a must for our chauffeurs. On the other hand, our vehicles too have immaculate presentation, in their exterior and interior.

3. Discretion

When a chauffeur picks up a client, they'll inevitably gain insight on their personal life. This implies that absolute discretion is necessary. Our chauffeurs keep to themselves about what people they've transported and where they've taken them. Discretion is essential for establishing trust and its one of our keys to success.

4. Communication Skills

Although conversations are part of socializing, a good chauffeur should not engage in discussions, but always wait for the client to lead it. This means that you should be able to read people well enough. If a client chooses not to engage in conversation, it's not recommended that a chauffeur initiate one. In such a scenario, being polite and courteous is more than enough, and that's what our chauffeurs do.

5. Safety Considerations

Being able to transport your client from one point to the next without compromising their safety is of high importance. Even if they're in a big hurry, we do not compromise on safe driving.

6. Confidence

Being a cool, calm and collected chauffeur, irrespective of the situation at hand, is essential. Staying calm, as well as exuding confidence assures our clients that we are always under control, hence making their experience memorable.

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Posted on Jul 11 2017

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