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How a Corporate Limo Service Saves you Money

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For a business watching the bottom line, corporate limo service might seem like a frills benefit that can be ignored. In reality, it can actually save a company a significant amount of money, especially if it has staff and executives who need to travel by car frequently. Corporate limo service can trigger big savings in the following areas:

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Fleet Avoidance

Not having to maintain an internal fleet of company cars for employees to use for driving to regular destinations and meetings can be a huge cost savings. Just the expense of maintaining a fleet after purchasing the cars can add up to be quite a bit, and then the fleet has to be changed over every 5 - 7 years with new car purchases. Having a dedicated corporate limo service provide the same transport function can offset thousands of dollars annually with little effort.

Reduced Staffing Needs

With a fleet one has to maintain the cars, repair them, manage the inventory, and inspect the vehicles regularly. That all requires people and man-hours. With no fleet, there's no need for such staff, and the salary costs are avoided entirely. Instead, by using a corporate limo service, the company only pays for what it actually uses.

Avoided Taxes and Insurance

Every vehicle in the company fleet also needs to be licensed, registered and insured. Imagine how much money would be saved annually not having to pay that registration and insurance bill? 

Wasted Fuel Avoidance

How much gas is spent by people driving around trying to find a location they don't know? It can actually add up over time. With a corporate limo service, the chauffeurs know the area, so your team get to their destinations faster.

Of course there are functional and practical needs for various types of fleet cars, like delivery and technical field work. However, if your company is just ferrying people around for office work and meetings, there's no need to do so with capital expenditures as well. Replace that fleet with a corporate limo service and put those savings back to work in what your company does best!

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Posted on Mar 20 2017

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