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Making Travel Enjoyable Again

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Keeping Your Travel Experience Fun and Light  Trust a Guide

making travel enjoyableAn easy way to make any trip more enjoyable is to let someone show you where and how to enjoy yourself in a city. If you have a friend or a relative that lives in the city or knows it well, they are a great resource to start with. Of course, you always have the option to go with a guided tour in an unfamiliar area. You can also guide your own tour by doing research on the Internet, looking at reviews and ratings of different destinations in the city you are traveling to. It is important to find a guide or do your research before you make your trip, so you don’t waste valuable travel time trying to decide what you are doing next.

Go See Something

To have an enjoyable travel experience, you have to put in some effort yourself by getting out there and seeing things. If you are traveling somewhere soon, look up what upcoming events there are in the area. Attending a sporting event, concert, or festival is a great way to take in a city’s atmosphere and culture. You can look at the city’s online event calendar for options, or speak with the concierge at your hotel. Attending a special event can be the punctuation to a great business trip, and the most memorable part of your travel experience. 

Load Up on Free Time

Time is of the essence when traveling, especially for business travelers. If your itinerary is packed to maximum capacity before your trip, it is very likely that your schedule can slide and you could run out of time for everything. By building substantial free time into your travel itinerary you can avoid last minute problems and be flexible. Also if your plans go according to schedule, you’ll then have a wealth of free time to relax and enjoy yourself without being tied to commitments.

Soundtrack to Your Trip

Sometimes a certain song can make you feel good, get you excited, or just help you to relax. Making a playlist on your phone or iPod can help keep your mood in check throughout the course of your trip. You’ll want to think about what music you want to listen to in the airport, on the plane, in the car, or in your hotel. Depending on if you are trying to focus on productivity or relaxation during these times, the type of music you choose will vary.

Avoid Things You Can Find Everywhere

A large part of what makes traveling fun is getting to see new places and things, to make for a unique experience. Take advantage of where you are traveling to and see what makes that city special, and your trip will be much more fulfilling. When traveling you should avoid restaurants and stores that you can find in your home area or anywhere else. Instead of eating dinner at a chain restaurant, you should try out a local favorite to get a real taste of the town you are in.   


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Posted on Oct 28 2013

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