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Private Jet Clients Deserve A Quality Corporate Car Service

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The Private Jet Way

Picking up passengers from a private jet FBO requires a skill set of a much higher caliber than is available in ride sharing situations.

A dedicated team is usually needed to service these types of pickups because they often have last minute schedule changes that must be accommodated. Your team must also be very well versed in the FBO pickup locations, trip routing, and client demands. 

Your Time is Precious


corporate car service corporate limo serviceYou simply cannot buy time, it is something that most of us feel like we don't have enough of. This is especially true for high profile business executives, celebrities, and other high net worth clients. More and more of these travelers are realizing that it is actually more economical for them to charter a private plane or corporate limo service because it will take them exactly where they need to go and in less time. 

Everyone has experienced the joys of airline check in lines, the nightmares of TSA, the lengthy boarding processes, no overhead bin space, and the asking for volunteers on oversold flights. All of these hassles add to the stress that business and high net worth travelers already have due to their packed schedules. 

If you are considering have a corporate car service pick you up from an FBO you should make sure that they do a couple of things to make sure your trips goes smooth. They should be in contact with the FBO well before your arrival to ensure that they know exactly where the pickup will take place (in the lobby or on the tarmac specifically), confirm that the vehicle type scheduled fits the correct amount of passengers, and check on the flight's arrival time. The last one is especially important because private planes are not usually able to be tracked like commercial flights. 

Your car service should use new model vehicles that are well maintained and prepped for the highest level client in mind. Vehicles should be washed before every pickup inside and out to ensure that they meet your level of expectation. The chauffeur should be professional, dressed in a formal suit, provide the highest level of customer service (including opening your door and handling your luggage), and he/she should be very well training in the latest defensive driving and safety tactics. 

All Transportation Network 

To ensure that you receive all of the requirements listed above, please contact All Transportation Network. We drive late model sedans, SUV's, transit vans, and mini coaches and they are maintained immaculately. 

Our chauffeurs are highly trained and spend many hours learning about all of the FBO's, local and international airports, popular pickup/drop off spots, and more. We train each driver to treat our customers with the highest level of respect and customer service while also providing timely, safe, and reliable service. 

If you have an upcoming trip please call us at (845)-565-2306 to schedule your ride today. 

You can also make your reservation instantly by clicking the button below and using our online reservation portal. 



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Posted on Dec 03 2017

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