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Skills of Professional Chauffeurs at Global Transportation Services

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Chauffeurs at global transportation services are expected to meet a number of criteria, that provide top-notch professional level of service when hired and trained correctly. 

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Despite common believe, the role of a professional chauffeur involves far more than just transporting clients to and from predetermined locations. In addition to having a friendly, courteous and cheerful demeanor, professional chauffeurs also need to be accomplished in a number of skills including geography, defensive driving, driving laws, first aid, and knowledge of how to assist and help passengers. Further, vehicle mechanical knowledge is a practical wisdom asset as on-the-road repairs can quickly pull a client out of a pinch and a bad spot versus waiting for assistance.

A sense of accounting and log-keeping experience is an added benefit. These basic but necessary administrative skills allow a driver to translate his shifts and tasks to data input which then translates into accurate travel and billing records for the client's account.

And just as important, a chauffeur's general knowledge of the area is key in knowing when to choose an alternative route as well as which road is likely to produce the fastest connection when the main highway path is delayed. This innate cartography skill can work wonders with an accomplished chauffeur, skipping the typical fumbling that happens with someone relying too much on a GPS or phone app mapping system while trying to drive at the same time.

Smart, adept, professional chauffeurs are also paying attention to what's going on their areas of operation socially and politically. Highly skilled chauffeurs at global transportation services will always be in tune with what's going on in the news and expected events for a given area, probably just as much, if not more, than a local news reporter! This situational awareness knowledge is critical for keeping clients from being transported out of heavy traffic areas that happen by surprise otherwise.

So the next time you interact with a chauffeur and an international limousine service, note the fact that your travel is being served by far more than just a basic driver for vehicle operation. You're being served by a qualified guide who is trained and ready to ensure your transportation happens happily, on time, as expected and without worries. 

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Posted on Mar 03 2017

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