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The 3 Most Common Mistakes Made By Corporate Car Services

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Everyone makes mistakes, but when a company is able to learn from their mistakes and adjust their policies and procedures accordingly is where the real value happens. We've been providing our chauffeurs have all of the correct information they need to exceed our client's expectations. This secondary communication eliminates late pickups, inefficient routes, missing special instructions, and any other deviations that can occur during a trip. 

3) Weak or Non Existent Ongoing Training Programs

Showing someone how to do something once does not cut it in the ground transportation industry. Reoccurring training programs for chauffeurs, reservationists and dispatchers is a critical component to running efficient and successful corporate car services. These training programs act as a reminder for existing policies, as well as a communication tool for new procedures. Companies that do not have ongoing training programs in place rely on their employee's memory from their early days of training. 

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Posted on Jan 13 2017

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