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The Driving Force Behind Our Global Limousine Service: Vehicles and Chauffeurs

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The old adage which states "99% of success is showing up on time" could not be more true than in the transportation industry. We believe that the remaining 1% is just as important as the first 99%. But showing up on time is not enough. Equally important is who shows up and what they are driving.

As a customer, you are entitled to be driven by a properly maintained, clean vehicle that is operated by a professional, knowledgeable and courteous chauffeur. 



Our global limousine fleet is comprised of sedans, SUVs, passenger vans, mini coach and full size coaches. All vehicles conform to respective state and US Department of Transportation regulations. The smaller sedan and SUV vehicles are equipped with heavy duty components that are not available to retail customers. This assures operators that the vehicles will handle the abuse of day-to-day operations without safety hazards.

All Transportation Network is committed to updating vehicles after approximately 24 months or when they reach 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first. This ensures that the appearance and mechanical performance will always be of highest quality. Our rigorous maintenance schedule includes oil changes every 3,000 miles, transmission service every 20,000 miles, and tire replacement and complete engine tune-ups after 50,000 miles. 

We also maintain $5,000,000.00 of liability insurance - 16 times the amount required by the United States Department of Transportation. 

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At any given time, there is generally a waiting list of chauffeurs who wish to work for our company. The reason is simple: All Transportation Network's compensation for chauffeurs is among the highest in the industry. We have discovered a simple and yet effective formula for finding the best chauffeurs in the business: pay a person a superior wage, and demand superior performance. The truth is, we don't often have to look, and we have a remarkably low turnover.

We require all chauffeurs to maintain a professional appearance. This is accomplished with a dress code including: black suits with black dress shoes and a white shirt. Chauffeurs are instructed to keep their jacket and tie on at all times. 



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Posted on Dec 07 2016

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