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The Top Qualities of a Great Corporate Limo Service

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A corporate limo service needs to be more than just basic transport with a price tag. At a minimum, it needs to be a reliable and dependable choice for corporate travel and executive movement, particularly adept at circumnavigating local and regional traffic when it tends to slow down with traffic jams and delays. And, where many think that corporate limo services are a luxury benefit, in reality the price and the value of service may very well be both cost effective and worthwhile with special attention provided to the customer. Here are the top qualities of a great corporate limo service:

Ad_Graphic6.jpg Chauffeur Experience Matters

The knowledge of a chauffeur is key, especially with local direction and knowing how to get around effectively, timely, and safely. Many companies will promise the above, but then the chauffeurs involved are bumbling around trying to fiddle with a phone map app or GPS when driving. Both waste a customer’s time at best, and potentially raise the risk of a traffic accident at worst.

Well Maintained Vehicles

A great corporate limo service should also be able to take care of all the transportation comfort aspects of travel, from interior experience to communications and drink and food if needed. But most importantly, the vehicles should always be maintained to top quality so that there is never a breakdown and being stuck on a route without warning due to preventative care schedules not being followed. The best services ensure this problem is avoided by regularly maintaining top quality vehicles and requiring proactive checking for issues before they grow bigger.

Planning Ahead With Administration

In terms administration, many clients don’t favor a one-size fits all. A quality corporate limo service anticipates this issue by providing multiple means for account servicing and payment processing. Instead of expecting the customer to tailor to the service, the limo company should always meet the customer’s needs. That includes detailed documentation and expediting transactions so that business' can claim appropriate deductions or get reimbursed from their clients for services and travel rendered.

Attention to Service

So, one could get a rental limo, have a bad experience, and have a great reason to complain about limos from that point forward. Or one could hire a top quality corporate limo service have the best attention, have every detail taken care of, and know that riders in that service are completely taken care of without issue.

The decision seems fairly obvious which way to go when put into a simple comparison!

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Posted on Jan 10 2017

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